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delivering excellence in legal services with precision, expertise and a relentless pursuit of our clients’ success

Centurion Lawyers is a highly regarded and reputable law firm nestled in the Parramatta CBD.

We boast of a team of professionals who possess years of experience, unmatched passion and an unwavering commitment towards offering expert legal services to our esteemed clients. 

At Centurion Lawyers, we place great value on our relationships with our clients. We work hand in hand with them to foster growth and success.

 More than just the law, we believe that legal services are about building a culture of excellence, great people and exceptional client service. Choose us today and let us help even more businesses and individuals thrive.


Level 3, 3 Horwood Place, Parramatta NSW 2150

(02) 9630 5892

PO Box 708, Parramatta NSW 2124 DX 8266, Parramatta